American Auto-X Series

The American Auto-X Series is an autocross organization, organizing a 10 to 16 event series per year. The series caters to the "American Iron", so therefore the courses are designed somewhat wider than most autocrosses across the nation. The series founder, Larry Park, loved Corvettes, and really enjoyed making them go faster and faster, and since Corvettes need more room to get that horsepower to the pavement, we will continue in that tradition as long as time will allow.


There are no membership dues for AAS events, the cost is $40.00 per event, payable at the registration tent. We start at 9:00am and try to give everyone 5 runs as long as time permits, and you must work one rungroup per entry. Registration generally opens at 8:00am and is open all day Saturday and till 1:00pm on Sundays.

Please PRINT your name/address/other info on your registration card - illegible entries are subject to being input as Time Only.

You must have a valid drivers license to compete and there are minimum age (16) limits for AAS competitors. Those who are under 18 years old must have a signed parents consent form, and also must have a minors waiver form signed.

  • 2013 Larry Park Memorial
  • 2012 Larry Park Memorial
  • 2011 Larry Park Memorial
  • 2010 Larry Park Memorial
  • 2009 Larry Park Memorial
  • 2008 Larry Park Memorial

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January 3, 2015:
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2014 Class Winners!

November 16, 2014
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Helmets are required, Snell M or SA 95 or newer. There are some loaners available.

Tech Inspection

We have a once a year technical/safety inspection, once your car passes tech, you will get a tech sticker which must be displayed, and visible from a short distance.


March 9, 2014:
Class structure is based on SCCA classes, however not all SCCA classes are offered individually, there are some that are lightly subscribed, so they are combined and indexed. We do not allow Karts.