2016 Acura NSX Cost and Specs

Thursday, January 21st, 2016 - Nissan

2016 Acura NSX Cost and Specs , The original NSX is something that many people called killer super-car and is not far from the truth. It’s faster than the Ferrari of that period, it is much cheaper and also drove better. 2016 Acura NSX promise to always follow the footsteps of the original, so expect cheap, fast and unforgiving super-car that will not only beat its competitors, it will do so in style. We can hope that the new 2016 Acura NSX will come to the car market until the end of 2015.

2016 acura nsx concept

2016 Acura NSX redesign Exterior

2016 Acura NSX will take inspiration from the exterior of the Honda NSX old but with some modern touches and gestures inspired Acura. Expect an average looking machine that will be as low as, and only as wide as the current super car. Behind the 2016 Acura NSX will feature a retractable wing while the front will get active front bumper with aerodynamic elements automatically. All of this should make of the NSX a real audience. From what it seems, it will sit on 19 inch rims at the front and 20 inch rims at the rear with high-performance tires around it.

2016 acura nsx interior pictures

Inside the cabin 2016 Acura NSX will most likely get their own view without any real influence on the Acura. This is necessary because the Acura just do not have a car that can compete with the appearance of Porsche and Ferrari. Standard equipment will most likely include sport seats, automatic climate control, satellite navigation, leather upholstery and similar multifunction steering wheel that is likely to use the technology of F1.

2016 acura nsx interior

2016 Acura NSX specifications

Engine wise, 2016 Acura NSX will get a twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V6 will be coupled to three electric motors, two in front and one behind. Total power is expected to more than 500 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. Some say that it will even provide more power than the current GT-R, which means more than 600 horsepower. Thanks to their electric motor, it will have a great advantage as far as fuel consumption and low-end torque coming. Fuel consumption on average are expected to be more than 30 MPG, while the actual performance of the car to be close to, if not better, for the GT-R. Expect a top speed of over 200 miles per hour and a 0-60 MPH time of less than 3 seconds. Some reports even indicate that the 2016 Acura NSX will be able to run in fully electric mode that will be put on the same level with the latest hyper-cars from Porsche.

2016 Acura NSX release date and price

2016 Acura NSX Prices have not been announced yet but a lot of people expect to cost about $ 125,000 which is almost 50% cheaper than its competitors. It must have made a winner out of it. Acura NSX 2016 release date should be some time in 2015, most likely at the end of the year.

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