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Thursday, April 7th, 2016 - Car
brand new cars under 10k

Not all of new car are expensive, and that means you are able to afford the new car and do not buy the used car. There are some new cars under 10k available and you will not have to worry. The price that is under 10k is available and many in the market. This way, customers will not be doubt to buy and have new car because the price is not too expensive.

So, if you are looking for the cheap car that is under 10k, you need to list below and compare one car to another. Of course there are differences between one car and another depends on the specification, quality and the price itself. However, here are some lists of new cars under 10k.

Hyundai i10

The first one is Hyundai I10 that is included into one of the most favorite small car with feature that is useful and available on the car. There are a lot of features that is offered by this car and the basic feature that is available in the car is the air conditioning that will make the inside of the car to be fresh all the time especially when the temperature increase, the other basic feature of this car is electric window. Moreover, this car comes with the price under 10k, that makes customers want to buy it and as the result it become one of the most favorite.

Renault twingo

The next one is Renault twingo. This car is solution for rear passenger since there is lot of space available on this car. Besides that, the car is comfortable and is easy to drive that makes this car has another plus point. Do not have to worry about the look, this car has sharp look that is interesting and a little bit stylish also. But, this car is more expensive than Hyundai i10.

Kia picanto

The next car is almost similar to Hyundai i10 mechanically because they are sister companies. So, it will be very similar with the Hyundai i10. You will find large space for passenger at the back side of the car. As for the feature of the equipment, it is such standard that is available in any car such as air conditioning etc, and the price is under 10k.

Consider some factors and decide whether to buy the used or the new one since you are able to choose new cars under 10k.

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