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lowest price new car 2016

It is easy to get the lowest price new car if you know the way to do it. People who pay much for a certain family sedan, probably they buy in a traditional way. They walk to the dealer’s without any research at all, and they buy the car after test-drive. They may have to pay more for unimportant warranties, accessories or service plans as well. While smart people who have equipped themselves with research, reviews, and follow systematic process to negotiate the price with the dealers through email, will definitely pay less. Not many people are good in negotiating. However, we don’t have to worry about it, since there is a guidance to get the best price for the new car you want to buy.

Step-by-step guidance to get the lowest price new car:

  1. Make sure you know that cars are commodities. Hundreds even thousands of identical vehicles are available.

  2. Make sure you really know buying a new car has to be separated from service. You can think about service after buying the car.

  3. Make sure you know what you want. Think about the seats, the space, the engines, the interior etc before you buy a new car. Check everything about the car in the website. Take your time to do it.

  4. Make sure you leave your money, or checkbook, or ATM cards, or credit cards at home when you want to have a test drive to avoid impulse buying, and make sure you do the test driving as long as possible. Try every kind of streets, from the smooth one to the winding one. Check all the things inside the car, and try all the things you need to know. Make sure you ask many questions to the person from the dealer who accompany you do the test driving.

  5. Make sure you do the research of price once you know which new car you want to buy. Make sure you ask for discounts, additional discounts and free stuff.

  6. Make sure you negotiate about the price, discounts, additional discounts, and free stuff through email. List everything you want from the dealers. If you do it through email you will have enough time to think about what you want. It also will prevent you from impulse buying.

  7. Make sure you say no to add-ons. Once you get the confirmed price, you have to call the dealer first and make them understand that there will be no changes in price, fees, options, etc. Make sure they know the payment method you are comfortable with.

  8. Make sure you ask the dealer if they can deliver the car you want to buy to your house, and then make an appointment. Make sure, before delivering the car, they have filled out the contract completely. So when they arrive in your house, all you have to do is sign the contract. Make sure you read all the things in the contract first. Make sure they call you first before they come to your house. When they call you, make sure you once again confirm the price.

Now you have the guidance to buy a new car in a right way. Remember you have to follow the plans you have made before otherwise you will get troubles. Hopefully, you will get the lowest price new car.


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