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Friday, April 22nd, 2016 - Car
new car under 10000 dollars

Is there any new car under 10000? Yes it is. it is not possible that there are thing like that. If you want to buy car but have low budget than this may suit for you. You do not need to buy old car, just buy the new one that is under 10000. In this advance technology, transportation has become the need that is important for human, having personal transportation such as car is not a new one and it is important to have to accommodate your mobilization.

The lists below are some new car under 10000 to choose. You need to understand each car and its specification, and then compare between one car to another from any other aspects, the price, the specification, the brand, etc, now let’s check this out.

Ford Fiesta

The first is Ford Fiesta that has handsome design and comfortable to use. The model of the car is designed to enchant the costumers to have it. The model and design of the car that represents handsome and fun take the people interest to the car. Moreover, this Ford Fiesta not only offers interesting and fun model and style but also some specification that is good enough if you compare it to the price that is under 10000. The capacity is 1.25 litters for the petrol engine with the other features that complete the car such as radio, mp3 player, and the others.

Skoda Citigo

The next car is Skoda Citigo that is an excellent car with small shape and excellent figure of the car. This car is also included into car under 10000 with some specifications. The specification of this car is 1.0 litter of capacity for the petrol engine; moreover it is combined with MPG about 68.9. And also this car is provided by some feature such as radio and mp3 that is completed with AUX input; there is also 60/40 split of folding seat available and then air conditioning.


The next car under 10000 is SEAT Mii that is the best city car with elegant and interest design. Any model is available. This car has 1.0 litter capacity of petrol engine that is combined with MPG about 62.8 and also with emissions 105g/km. the equipment you can enjoy from this car is hill hold control, 14 inch of Silva alloys.

Used car is common to be under 10000, but there is also available new car under 10000 as list above.

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