Three Best Brand New Cars for Your Needs

Monday, April 4th, 2016 - Car
cheapest brand new car 2016

Let’s go through some cheapest brand new car in 2016. The rapid growth of automobile industry occurs every year. In this 2016, there will be new cars available for automotive lovers. There are many manufacturers prepare for new vehicles, especially cheap cars. Cheap cars nowadays become people’s choice, because its specifications meet people’s need. Most people now choose city cars because of the low price and economical fuel. But, what do these cheap cars offer beside the economical fuel and low budget? What is the cheapest car of the year? There are many cheap cars that are produced this year; therefore, this article will compare each car to seek the cheapest brand new car in 2016.

The Suitable Car to Meet for Your Needs

Before we find out the cheapest car, we must first go through each inexpensive car one by one. There are four types of cheap cars that are quite popular this year, particularly this April.

Several manufacturers veteran like Volkswagen and Ford have come up with their new brands. The Volkswagen Up’s price is ranging from £9,925 to £10,964; meanwhile, Volkswagen Polo’s price is around £11,300. Obviously, this offer was made to meet the customer satisfaction and needs.

Ford KA is also known as Ford Figo. Ford has planned to distribute this car in Europe this year. Just like other Ford cars, this car will be equipped with high technology. So far, the estimated price has only been released in Brazil and it is around £3,290 to £5000.

Another affordable car is Skoda Citigo with only £9,635; this car serves a very low running cost. This car is similar to Volkswagen Up; however, this car provides more quite engine and more safety than the other four city cars.

The Cheapest Brand New Car 2016

For some cases the price is not the only one that determine whether or a car can be classified as the cheapest car. Customers are encouraged to consider the specification of the cars. If we consider the specification and the durability of the car, Ford would still be the number one choice, although there is a possibility will not enter Indonesian’s market. Taken as a whole, the cheapest brand new car in 2016 is obviously Ford KA and hopefully this car will meet the expectation of automotive lovers.

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