2018 Ford Focus RS Performance and Horsepower

Monday, December 11th, 2017 - Ford
2018 ford focus rs

2018 Ford Focus RS Performance and Horsepower. If you are another adrenaline junkie who wants to know good information, then you’ve reached the right page. You just love speed and rally-driving, everything you dream will eventually arrive. We are ready to bring the Ford Focus RS 2018.

After the first two generations of Focus RS front wheels, this third generation as a four wheel drive offers a new modification system as well as aerodynamics and cooling. The story of this boy’s fantasy vehicle takes root from 2002, as it once was. RS RS RS RS RS that revive it (Rally Sport).

An interesting fact you may not have heard of the Ford Focus 2018 is that the 30th consecutive badge wearing the Oval Blue floor badge. Even more amazing this car is the fastest ever used this symbol.

More than clear that Ford wants to innovate everything with a third generation Focus RS. This specific model was made to be produced in Germany, in the Saarlouis company as its predecessor, and more importantly for the company, is that model will be sold worldwide and in the US. The new all-wheel drive driver of this system will face rivals like Subaru WRX STI and Volkswagen Golf R. In case the Ford Focus RS 2018 all-wheel-drive brings with it a new Ford Performance AWD term.

Comes as a combined version of metal and the boy looks more acting than Focus ST and upgrades it, the latest version of Lincoln MKC’s 2.3 liter Eco Boost four. 2018 Ford Focus RS promises high performance and good choice.
Since the time comes, we still have until spring 2018, when great works of art are expected to come. What we expect from you is that you stay focused on the features we’ll present.
The outside part

This sporty and elegant aggression is combined with the same Liquid Blue paint as the Ford GT Concept in Detroit. In addition to the trapezoidal lattice associated with split front details, the Ford Focus RS 2018 style is also enhanced with exceptional 19-inch alloy wheels.

When you see the monster’s interior, you will see the amazing full leather Recaro seats and enjoy its sporty elegance.
2018 Ford Focus RS Engine

The new Focus RS is expected to meet all the wants and special needs of Ford Focus lovers. Ford Motor Company has decided to surprise all fans in the United States by installing a 34 horsepower engine in the new Ford Focus RS 2018. Compared with the turbocharged four-cylinder four-cylinder turbocharged in the Mustang, the Focus RS 2018 is offered and much more. presents. With this enhanced version, this powerful car produces 345 horsepower and 324 pound-feet of torque.


By the way, Ford is not even thinking of offering Ford RS automatically, so the transmission is very likely to be a 6-speed manual.

Although this upcoming car is still in the process of building the price will be $ 36,605, including the destination cost of $ 875. It may look like an eternity, spring closer than you think. Read other articles in americanauto-x.com

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