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Evolution Launches Gold Vault Roulette

Gold Vault Roulette is Live!

Gold Vault Roulette replaces the rather unpopular Gold Bar Roulette, where players can choose where to place their gold bar multipliers onto the betting grid.

I thought this was a great idea, but players spoke with their feet, seemingly preferring the game to choose for them.

So Evolution has re-designed the game to do exactly that.

Up to twenty gold bars, valued at 50x each, can be assigned to numbers on the roulette wheel. Up to three can be stacked on a number, totalling 150x. A unique gold bar, valued at 500x, is occasionally allocated to a number.

Essentially this is a less volatile version of Lightning Roulette, which only allows five numbers to be chosen. The other difference is the standard straight-up payout, which in Gold Vault Roulette is 24:1, while in lightning roulette, it’s 29:1.

Gold bars multipliers can only be won on Straight-up number bets, with the rest of the betting spots paying the same as standard Europen roulette.

The studio is lavish, decked in gold, with the bullion vault containing pallets of gold bars in the background.

The presenter reveals the number of gold bars when betting time has completed by opening four lockers where the gold bars are stacked.

Livecasinocomparer Comment

I preferred the previous version because it gave players control over where they placed the multipliers.

But Gold Bar Roulette proved unpopular, so Gold Vault Roulette was created.

As multiplier games go, this is OK. It’s far less volatile than other multiplier roulette games, so players can pick up more multiplier wins.

The 500x gold bar is the prize in this game, but it doesn’t appear that often, so the max payout most of the time is 150x. The danger is that if you’re playing lots of numbers, you could quickly run down your bankroll.

This is a good option if you find Lightning Roulette a bit expensive, as you’ll get smaller and more frequent wins with Gold Vault Roulette.

Author: Jordan Bennett