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Exciting Feature Added to Stakelogic Live Blackjack

Super Stake Feature Added To Blackjack Tables

Released in November 2022, Super Stake Blackjack allowed players to play with boosted payouts from multiplier cards up to a value of 50x.

The game introduced a fee mechanism of 50% of the initial bet, which funded the use of the multipliers in the game.

Until now, it was only possible to play on a Super Stake Blackjack Table.

The feature has been added to all dedicated American Blackjack tables and operates like an optional side bet.

Each player can choose when to play the optional feature. When they do, the playing interface will take a fee of 50% of their bet and provide the multiplier cards.

The main hand of Blackjack plays as usual, with those players opting into the feature getting enhanced payouts if their hands win and contain a multiplier card.

Dejan Loncar, Head of Live Casino at Stakelogic Live, said:

“Super Stake Blackjack has been a huge success for Stakelogic Live, so taking its features and adding them to our other Blackjack tables was an easy decision to make.

LivecasinoComparer Comment

I wasn’t a fan of Super Stake Blackjack when it was released. It appears I was in the minority, as StakeLogic has invested money into making the feature more widely available.

Treating the feature like a side bet makes sense, so I think this move is very clever.

Adding it to all tables will give Stakelogic greater exposure to the feature, and players can pick and choose when they want to play it without jumping onto another table.

Author: Jordan Bennett