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Playtech Annouces Launch Of Jumanji Live Casino Game

The game follows a familiar pattern of live entertainment game shows, using the Jumanji theme throughout the game and set design.

The game’s main mechanic is two wheels of fortunes, but turned on their edge, much like you see in the Price is Right TV Gameshow.

The wheels spin and land on sectors containing instant win numbers, or bonus rounds, of which there are six. A special seventh Bonus round requires no bet to play and is triggered either by getting Jaguar Heads on both wheels or during two of the themed bonus rounds.

What sets Jumanji The Bonus Live Live apart from its competitors is the unique way 50% of your bet is returned when you lose.

The Bonus rounds are all different, using existing and new features. Five of the seven Bonuses require player participation, so it’s fully immersive, providing hours of entertainment if your bankroll can stand it.

It’s not one of the most volatile games, so long playing sessions are almost guaranteed if you play sensibly.

Of course, the max win is 5000x, so there’s plenty to shoot for.

This game is housed in one of the largest and most complex studios ever built, designed to immerse players in the mythical world of Jumanji. The studio’s attention to detail ensures that the game replicates the authenticity of the original movie, hoping to deliver a 24/7 theme park-like experience.

Edo Haitin, Playtech Live CEO, says,

“We are incredibly proud to introduce Jumanji The Bonus Level, a revolutionary Live game that combines cutting-edge technology with the cinematic magic of the beloved movie. We thank Sony Pictures for entrusting us to bring such a renowned brand to life, our team has poured their passion and expertise into crafting this exceptional gaming adventure, and we believe it will set new standards in the industry.”

Author: Jordan Bennett