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What Are Your Rituals and Superstitions when Gambling?

Superstitions and Rituals – Which are the most popular?

Let’s look at the most popular rituals and superstitions players use to bring themselves luck.

They were playing when a particular live dealer was present.

This superstition is prevalent among players who frequently engage with a particular game.

Players become familiar with various live dealers assigned to that game as the staff changes periodically.

When players experience winning or losing streaks, they’re inclined to link these outcomes with the current dealer at the table.

If multiple winning streaks occur with the same dealer present, they might perceive that dealer as lucky.

Similarly, persistent lousy luck with a particular dealer can lead players to avoid that dealer and wait for a different one.

Additionally, players often steer clear of new dealers for the same reason – they are uncertain whether the new dealer will bring luck or an unfortunate turn of events.

Is this phenomenon genuine or not?

Well, mood, positivity, and decision-making play a crucial role in gambling. A negative attitude can lead to poor decisions, a sense of being cursed, and chasing losses. Frequently, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If negativity prevails, it can manifest in losses.

Therefore, if you have found your lucky dealer, it’s not entirely unreasonable to stick with them!

This phenomenon is indeed true for high rollers and VIPs. The Live Casinos provide tables where players can request a specific dealer or ask for the dealing shoe to be changed.

Lucky Numbers

Invariably, if you’re playing any casino game involving numbers, you will think of some numbers as your lucky numbers.

Roulette, with its numbered wheel, is a prime example.

Players often place bets on their lucky numbers, assigning meaning to these digits in the hope of a positive outcome. Numbers 17 and 7 are generally very popular, while 13 is the least-played number in roulette.

We could even say that if you’re playing roulette, you are almost certain to develop some affection for specific numbers.

In contrast, games like blackjack or casino poker, which involve strategy and skill, are less driven by lucky numbers and more by players’ decisions. In these games, the superstitions will likely focus on the dealer.

Tipping the dealer

Many players believe tipping the dealer is a must – because you won’t win again if you don’t.

The belief is that by not tipping the dealer, you are refusing to give back some of the good fortune so that you won’t get it again.

Firstly, tipping the dealer reflects a belief in fostering positive energy and goodwill.

In land-based casinos, players often list dealers to create a favourable atmosphere, hoping for better luck. This superstition carries over to online casinos, where players list live dealers.

Moreover, this is all about karma or cosmic reciprocity. Some players think they are sowing seeds of good fortune for their gameplay by being generous to the dealer. This idea resonates with the broader sentiment that positive actions generate positive outcomes.

Lastly, the superstition behind tipping the dealer can also be attributed to the human desire for control and influence over uncertain situations. Players seek to establish a sense of connection with the dealer by tipping, believing this interaction could affect the game results.

While the dealer can’t influence the outcome of the game round, it certainly is more enjoyable to be playing with a smiling dealer than one with a long face!

The Clicking Ritual

If you play for an extended time and use a mouse, you might likely develop a clicking ritual or specific mouse cursor placement in anticipation of the game round’s outcome.

For example, you might click three times during the spin of the roulette wheel, or you might click once on the straight-up number you bet on. Or you might place the mouse cursor on the zero and somehow block access for the ball to land on that number.

Avoiding certain seats

Avoiding specific seats in casinos is a superstition rooted in the belief that where you sit at a gambling table can impact your luck and the outcomes of your bets.

This practice is especially prevalent in land-based casinos. Still, it can also extend to online casino players, even though the seating choice in a virtual environment might not have the same tangible effect.

For example, in a virtual environment, you can’t sit next to someone jinxed, so there is no reason to stand up and sit elsewhere.

In some games, you still have a choice of a seat. Some players avoid specific seats they perceive as having negative energy or associations with past losses. These seats might be ones they have experienced a losing streak while occupying.

Players who believe in the power of their interaction with the dealer might choose seats that provide a better line of sight or closer proximity to the dealer, thinking this will establish a better connection with the dealer’s luck.

This would translate to always choosing the central seat if given a choice.

Playing at a particular time of the day

Playing at a particular time of the day, or even a specific moon phase, is a widespread superstition.

Many players wonder if there is a best time to play a specific game, and this usually pertains to the number of other players who play the game at the same time as you.

Playing during quieter moments might appeal to those who value focused concentration and minimal distractions.

Some players believe that a calm, focused mindset contributes to better decision-making and, consequently, better outcomes.

This is no superstition – it is a fact.

Similarly, a player who plays online might want to avoid being in an environment with distractions. So he will play at a quiet time of day, when the family members are all elsewhere, or there are no work colleagues around, etc.

The psychological aspect of shared experience plays a role for some players who prefer to play during busy hours.

When many players are participating simultaneously, it creates a sense of community and excitement. Players feel that being part of this collective engagement can positively impact their luck. Or, they might want to win big in front of many other people.

Most people don’t enjoy someone else ‘stealing’ their luck by winning big, so a quieter game room is preferred in this case. This superstition can go either way.

Choice of a casino

This superstition is universal regardless of the gambling vertical you engage in: casino, poker, sportsbook, bingo, or anything else.

The idea is that you will be luckier at a specific casino while being unlucky at another one. And, if you think about it, it’s not much of a superstition but is a matter of psychology.

The mere colour scheme of the casino you play at can be enough to put you in a different mood where you make other choices, so you want to avoid the colours or website design that puts you in a negative mindset.

Likewise, the casino might limit your gaming options. Some bets, such as the racetrack bets in roulette, may be unavailable, or the table limit won’t match your usual betting style. In these cases, you’re forced to change your game and do things differently than you’re used to, resulting in more losses.

This is one of the reasons why welcome bonuses work so well for the casinos – they force the player to play differently.

Choose a casino where you can play freely the way you’re used to. We have a good selection of them on this website, so try them all and see which one works best for you.


There’s a thin line between a superstition and something that positively affects your chances of winning.

Perhaps you recognised some of the traits in how you play?

Regardless, be lucky and enjoy playing however you do it.

Author: Jordan Bennett