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What’s the Future of AI in Live Dealer Games?

AI and Big Data in Casino Games

Casino games are all about math. What used to be a simple house edge in traditional table games is now a complex matter that can’t be explained using one metric.

Live dealer games such as Monopoly Big Baller are so complex that each possible bet has its own RTP and house edge, while the inner workings of how random multipliers work are unknown.

We can expect the AI revolution to allow more complex game mechanics by an order of magnitude, meaning the games will be more elaborate.

Perhaps we will lose the idea of a house edge altogether as it will be too complex to describe.

Games such as blackjack, with its house edge coming from the set of table rules, will feel very rudimentary in comparison.

Game developers such as Evolution will continue to build good things if we apply what we already know to the future.

There will be fun complex games with a reasonable house edge, but they will use AI to perfect their product further.

AI will help detect player behaviours, seeing which features are most interesting and which are not.

We might end up with infinitely better games that push all our buttons, continuously removing any weak spots the games may have.

AI Art in Casino Games

It is almost universally known only the top game developers can hire and pay for the top artistic talent that creates most of the art in the game – graphics, animations and music.

While the top game developers can’t progress any further in this regard, the smaller, upcoming game developers will benefit most from AI. Using AI, they can produce whatever art they want and do so very quickly at virtually no cost.

This will allow for faster and cheaper game development, so we will see what the small developers have in store for us.

So far, they have been limited by what they can and can not do, and now they can produce games easier and cheaper.

As a side note, developing an online slot game may become more straightforward using AI.

Will AI replace Human Dealers?

The live dealer casino niche is distinct due to its utilization of real human dealers and presenters.

If a poll were conducted among casual and professional gamblers, they would likely confirm they prefer human interaction and dealers’ intricate array of hand gestures.

For instance, dealers often clap their hands and reveal both sides of their hands to demonstrate they aren’t taking chips from customers.

Or, they will sweep their hand across the table to open and close betting.

It’s unlikely that AI could replace a live dealer, given automated RNG table games already fulfil this role.

The authenticity provided by human dealers and physical cards or wheels contributes to the appeal of live dealer games.

This is primarily because these games are crafted to replicate the authentic land-based casino experience.

Unless there is a significant shift in perspective, human dealers will remain the central feature in this niche.

If anything, a skilled and experienced live human dealer will become even more valuable.

The underperforming live dealers with minimal training who don’t appear to enjoy or be suited for the role are most at risk of being replaced by a Mr. Monopoly AI character.


The live casino industry has reached a level of maturity where major shifts are unlikely.

However, we can anticipate an evolution in numerous facets of online gaming, which should generally benefit players.

AI can and will be used for dishonestly making money. There is no doubt about that.

That’s why it will become even more important to only gamble on games by legit developers in licensed casinos.

Author: Jordan Bennett